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Circus skills is a great activity for students when the school day finishes. The balance between play and continued learning is just right. It gives each student the opportunity to build and develop their circus skills over a longer period of time and can culminate with a performance for parents/carers.

Recommended times are:

  • Key Stage 1: 45 minutes
  • Key Stage 2: 1 hour

Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss the best option for you.

If there's one club you ought to encourage your child to go to, it has to be circus skills! The children adore their sessions because James' unerring ability to quietly encourage children to tackle tricky manoeuvers on a large ball and various other pieces of kit so that they can experience for themselves the adrenaline rush of success! The confidence gained from the circus skills sessions spills over into other areas of life, and the techniques ecourage tenacity and perseverance in a culture where too often children expect instant gratification. Most of all though, they have enormous fun and a great sense of pride in their achievements.

Barbara Risk, Headteacher, Sydenham High School

The circus skills after school club are always hugely popular (and over-subscribed). The children develop confidence and tremendous "have-a-go" as well as having enormous fun. James leads the sessions expertly with presence and enthusiam. He encourages all the children by simplifying the task into manageable steps. We were particularly impressed at how inclusive James is with all the children - so that everyone acquires circus skills from juggling to stilt walking. The Circus Skills After School Club is a wonderful club and after 3 years, the children's enthusiasm has not abated.

Hilary Jarvis, Headteacher Alexandra Junior School

Photos: Racheal Raphael