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Pressplay’s circus skills days & circus skills workshops are suitable for both primary and secondary schools. As our society is constantly changing, so too is the way our children play. It is no longer possible for them to play in the streets or local parks and as a result their play is now static and often screen based. This is why they find running, throwing, catching, jumping, balancing and spinning so exhilarating!

We all need and love to play, and circus skills is perfect for this very reason. Whilst playing in this environment you develop co-ordination skills, improve balance and concentration, as well as constantly lengthening your attention span.

How the day will run:

Our circus day begins with a 30 minute interactive assembly/demonstration of the circus skills the children will learn. This is then followed by circus skills workshops where each class will be taught the circus skills demonstrated, lasting from 30 minutes for nursery and reception to 1 hr plus for years 3 and upwards. Times and classes are decided by you according to how your school day is run.

Activities Include:

  • Balancing peacock feathers
  • Juggling with scarves & balls
  • Spinning plates
  • Chinese ribbons
  • Poi
  • Diabolos
  • Devil sticks
  • Pedal gos
  • Fun wheels
  • Stilts

During the circus skills workshops students are constantly reminded that dropping, falling and generally getting into a muddle (amidst much laughter) is all part of the journey to acquiring the most impressive circus skills. Within minutes the echos of 'Look, look at me' and 'Did you see what I just did?' fill the room!

You are so good with the children building their confidence and self esteem. Thank you!

Pauline Milton, Headteacher, Thamesview Infant School


Circus Days: £295 for the whole day


Photos: Racheal Raphael